What can I do with a travel and tourism degree?

To attain a travel and tourism degree it takes about one or two years. Within this period, the people partaking in this course will be equipped with skills that relate to the operations that are useful to the industry. Such skills that are taught include leadership, IT skills, teamwork, communication skills and research skills. These skills are all essential in the course as they enable one to adapt and apply these skills to their work environment creating them a better chance of success within the industry. With a tourism and travel degree, one is capable of numerous things such as jobs, further studies and work experience. There is a broad network of jobs that directly and indirectly relate to the degree therefore broadening one’s career prospects. For further studies, that is postgraduate study, the degree will help the learner in enhancing knowledge based on the field thus allowing information to be relevant and can be applied across various disciplines. Finally, for work experience, one is placed in work programmes and therefore directly interacts with the field introducing them to plenty of opportunities.


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