Why You Should Consider a Cruise Holiday

Cruises are often synonymous with the older generation; you think of the blue rinse brigade as being the target market for cruising – the truth of the matter couldn’t be much different!  Cruises are a great way to have a relaxing and energising holiday.  Here are some of the reasons why you should look at a cruise for your next break.

1. The value for money!  When you tot up all the costs associated with going on holiday, you have the flights, the hotel, your meals, drinks and entertainment all to pay for.  With a cruise, everything is included bar the drinks and some entertainment (namely spa treatments, casino money and excursions on shore).  This means that the cost per night (as if you were paying in a hotel) is often far below that of any other holiday!

2. The variety of activities.  If you are one who loves to lounge by the pool all day, you can do this on a cruise.  If you are an active person who loves heading to the gym, doing a nice long walk or going swimming every day, you can do this on a cruise.  If you love nothing more than sitting by the bar and enjoying cocktails all day long, you can do this on a cruise!  You can do pretty much whatever you like on a cruise!

3. Different locations each day.  One of the main pulls for a cruise is that you get to see a number of different places in one holiday, all without needing to pack and unpack your bags.  You can land in one country on one day and the next be somewhere totally different!


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